The Furs of Valencia


The Furs de València was a set of laws to rule the Kingdom of Valencia, on the eastern side of the Iberian Peninsula. The Furs was promulgated in 1261 by the founder of the kingdom, James I, king of Aragon (1208‒76), in a meeting of the Corts (Courts of the Kingdom of Valencia) held that same year. The text is in Catalan. These laws were revised in 1271 and were eventually abolished in 1707 by the Nueva Planta decree, following the victory of Philip, duke of Anjou, in the War of the Spanish Succession (after which he became Philip V, the first Bourbon king of Spain). The Courts of the Kingdom of Valencia were the representative assembly of the three wings of the kingdom—the Church, the military, and royalty. The king was in charge of summoning and setting the date and time for those meetings to be held. This incunabulum documenting the session of the Courts held in 1493 is printed in two columns of 55 lines each, in Gothic script and in two inks. The initial G, which appears highlighted, bears the image of the king. Blanks have been left for the illuminator to add layers to the initials.

Last updated: September 5, 2017