Map of the River Jordan and Dead Sea: And the Route of the Party Under the Command of Lieutenant W.F. Lynch, United States Navy


In 1847-48, Lt. William Francis Lynch of the U.S. Navy led a 16-man expedition to explore the Dead Sea and the course of the River Jordan to its source, with the assent of the Secretary of the Navy John Y. Mason and the support of the United States Naval Hydrographic Office. The United States had no formal designs on territory in the Middle East, but personally Lynch found the Holy Land ripe for colonization and commerce. Upon his return, he published accounts of the expedition and lectured on the possibilities that further exploration presented. This map was among the many published based on the findings of Lynch and his team. Explorers who “remove the obstruction to Commerce, Civilization and Christianity,” Lynch later wrote, “will become the benefactors of mankind.” A native of Virginia, Lynch served in the Confederate Navy in the American Civil War. He died in Baltimore in 1865.

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United States Hydrographical Office, Washington, D.C.


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Map of the River Jordan & Dead Sea : and the Route of the Party Under the Command of Lieut. W.F. Lynch, U.S.N.

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1 map on two sheets ; 117 x 61 centimeters, sheets 44 x 66 centimeters and 84 x 66 centimeters

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