Various Writings by Othlo


This manuscript was written by the monk Otloh, or Othlo, of Saint Emmeram, a remarkable figure in 11th-century literature, and is comprised almost exclusively of his own works. Born around 1010 in the diocese of Freising, Bavaria, Otloh studied at Tegernsee Abbey. He took a great interest in the art of writing, in which he was self-taught. He became a well-known scribe of his time. In 1032, after a serious disagreement with the local provost, he left Tegernsee for the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Emmeram in Ratisbon (present-day Regensburg). Some 30 years later, he left Saint Emmeram for Fulda. Besides his extensive work as a scribe, Otloh was the author of numerous works dealing with theological problems in prose and verse. Otloh’s works are written in Latin, except for a prayer in Old Bavarian which follows a Latin example “Oratio cuiusdam peccatoris” (Prayer of a sinner). The manuscript came from Saint Emmeram’s Abbey to Munich in 1811.

Last updated: January 25, 2019