Address by the Honorable Representative Dr. Manuel Dávila Flórez Regarding the Draft Press Law


Manuel Dávila Flórez (1853‒1924) was a Conservative representative in the Colombian National Assembly in the early 20th century. This was a volatile time in Colombia, following the War of the Thousand Days in 1899‒1902, a Conservative coup in 1900, and the secession of Panama in 1903. Carlos Eugenio Restrepo was elected president of Colombia in 1910. As a writer and journalist, the new president favored the press law discussed in a speech made by Dávila Flórez in the National Assembly in 1912. This booklet contains the text of Dávila’s address, together with comments by some other representatives and interruptions made from the floor in the assembly. The discussion in the assembly considered the benefits and implications of certain draft amendments to a law that had been in force since 1898.

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San Pedro Claver, Cartagena


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Discurso del honorable Representante doctor Manuel Dávila Flórez en la discusión del proyecto de la ley de prensa

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20 pages


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