The Protestant Farce and Martin Luther


La farsa protestante y Martín Lutero (The Protestant farce and Martin Luther) is a short work by an unknown author that reveals its strong anti-Protestant bias from the title onward. The book was published in 1897 by the Salesian Press in Colombia. The first half of the text is a polemic against the ideas of the Reformation as expounded by Martin Luther (1483‒1546), the German monk, professor of theology, and chief proponent of the Protestant doctrine, which held that salvation could not be bought in the form of indulgences from the Catholic Church but was a divine gift bestowed by God. The chapter headings reflect the overall stance of the book. They include, for example, ¿Y qué es eso del Protestantismo? (And what is that Protestantism?), Mentiras, farsa y gatuperios (Lies, farce, and shady dealings), Los que se pervierten al Protestantismo y los que se convierten al Catolicismo (Those who pervert to Protestantism and those who convert to Catholicism), and ¿Religión ó mojiganga? (Religion or worthless promise?). The second half of the book consists of Martín Lutero: breve y exacta relación de su vida por un obrero católico (Martin Luther: A short and precise biography by a Catholic worker).

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Salesian Society, Bogota


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La farsa protestante y Martín Lutero

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122 pages


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