The Bad Child's Book of A.D.C's


The Bad Child’s Book of A.D.C’s is a short manuscript book of ink drawings and verse, probably produced by a British officer working at the General Head Quarters of the British Army in Montreuil Sur Mer, France, in 1917, during World War I. The subjects of the poems and drawings are the aides de camp working at the Allied General Staff. An aide de camp is a military officer who works as personal assistant or secretary to senior army or naval personnel. Among those caricatured was Colonel Alan Fletcher, senior aide de camp to Field Marshall Douglas Haig, commander of the British Expeditionary Force. The author of this satirical work clearly wished to remain anonymous. The back cover of the book features what is ostensibly a view of the author, in uniform, from the rear, with the caption “Back view of the author of this regrettable publication.” It can easily be imagined that this book was passed round to a number of the officers at headquarters and that the author did not want it to fall into the wrong hands or to have his identity discovered.

Last updated: November 14, 2017