British Battles During 1918 (8th August to 11th November 1918)


This colorful map was produced by the Geographical Section of the General Staff of the UK War Office, printed by Waterlow & Sons, and made available for public sale shortly after the end of World War I. It provides a summary of the Hundred Days offensive by British, American, and British Empire troops that led to the German surrender on November 11, 1918. It shows the Allied advance as distinctly ordered phases, colored first yellow, then green, red, and blue. Diagonal stripes in these same colors show German withdrawals. The numbers of prisoners and guns (artillery pieces) captured by Allied forces in the different phases of the offensive also are supplied. The language of the map suggests an inevitability to German defeat, in which even withdrawals (such as to the Hindenburg line in February 1917) are depicted as part of the Allied plan. The map contributed to the public’s evaluation of the war and was part of the official justification of the costs of the four-year conflict.

Last updated: November 14, 2017