Map of the Sea and Land Routes from Edo to Nagasaki


Presented here is a pictorial route map, published in 1672 (early Edo period), that depicts the journey from Edo (present-day Tokyo) to Nagasaki. The first volume shows the land route from Edo to Kyōto. Starting from Edo Castle, it proceeds to Kyōto along the Tōkaidō, which was the main road in the Edo period. It depicts stations on the route, natural scenery, and famous places, such as Mount Fuji (in the 11th scene), accompanied by explanatory text. The second volume shows the route from Osaka to Nagasaki. It depicts mainly sea routes, although some land route scenes also appear after Kyūshū. Seto Naikai (The Inland Sea) stretches out in the middle of the pictures, and towns and scenic spots along the Honshū and Shikoku coasts are also depicted. This volume does not feature the sort of explanatory text that was provided in the first volume, but it does display the distances of the sea routes. It is thought that the contents and drawing techniques are based on another pictorial route map, compiled by the Shogunate and completed in 1668.

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Nishida Shobee, Kyoto


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2 scrolls ; 41 centimeters

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