A.B.C. For Soldiers on Leave


A.B.C. For Soldiers on Leave was written by Max Lowland (pseudonym for Max Schuchart, 1920−2005) and illustrated by Jos Ruting (pseudonym for Josef Bernard, 1908−87) as a humorous guide for Allied soldiers stationed in or visiting the Netherlands in the period after World War II. It was produced by Joh. M. Allis, a Dutch publisher of picture and children’s books. The book appealed to large numbers of Canadian soldiers engaged in the liberation of the Netherlands who were unable to return home straight away after the war because of a shortage of shipping. A.B.C. For Soldiers on Leave was especially printed for Allied soldiers. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by handwritten-style rhyming text and cartoon drawings in black and white or with red and bronze colors. A range of subjects is addressed, including Amsterdam, Allied soldiers and Dutch women, Hitler, the German occupation, and alcohol.

Last updated: August 19, 2015