Military Uniform Regulation Book


Niẓāmnāmah-i albisah-i ʼaskarīyah (Military uniform regulation book) contains the uniform and dress regulations for the Afghan military under the rule of Amanullah Khan (reigned from 1919 to 1929). The book was published in January 1921, soon after the conclusion of the Third Anglo-Afghan War (May−August 1919), in which Amanullah Khan was the leader of the Afghan forces and through which Afghanistan gained its complete independence from Great Britain. The book outlines the form and color of the kurtī (coat) and birjis (breeches) of military personnel, and it also illustrates the collar and shoulder insignia for each military rank. The work is printed in black and white, but a page near the beginning contains a hand-colored palette using opaque watercolors to depict the regulation uniform colors. The book was printed in 1,000 copies at the Maktabah-i Funun-i Harbiyah (The Military Arts Library) printing press in Kabul.

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Maktabah-i Funūn-i Ḥarbīyah, Kabul


Title in Original Language

نظامنامۀ البسۀ عسکريه

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9 pages, 23 plates ; 21 centimeters

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