Map of Uganda Protectorate


This map of Uganda during the period of British colonial rule was published in 1935 by the Department of Surveys of the Uganda Protectorate. Shown are international, intercolonial, provincial, district, and county boundaries; roads of different capacities; bush paths; telegraph lines; railways; Protestant and Roman Catholic missions; ancient sites; and physical features. The latter include rivers, lakes, elevation above sea level, and “permanent watering holes in dry areas.” A note on the map indicates that Lake Victoria is located at an elevation of 3,720 feet (1,133.86 meters) above sea level and that it covers an area of 26,828 square miles (69,484 square kilometers). An index grid located in the upper left of the map shows the different sheets of the international series of which this map is part. An inset map shows sea and air routes from Great Britain to Uganda. The scale is given as 1:1,000,000. The Uganda Protectorate is shown as bordered to the north by Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (present-day South Sudan and Sudan), to the east by Kenya, to the south by Tanganyika Territory (present-day Tanzania), and to the west by the Belgian Congo (present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo).

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1 map ; 77 x 75 centimeters


  • From the Uganda National Fisheries Resources Research Institute. Digitized at the National Library of Uganda with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Last updated: June 19, 2017