Bale, Uganda


This map of the area around the town of Bale, in the region of Buganda, in the district of Uganda that was then called Mengo, was published by the Directorate of Overseas Surveys for the government of Uganda in 1964. It is based on aerial surveys carried out in 1960 and on field survey data. Bale is located on the west side of the Victoria Nile River as it flows northward from Lake Victoria toward Lake Kyoga. The river is navigable at this point. The map shows the town, with its schools, administrative buildings, trading center, and other facilities. Also visible, in the lower-right-hand corner of the map, is the town of Namasagali, located on the right bank of the Victoria Nile, with its quay, water pump, schools, hospital, and other facilities. Individual dwellings on this extremely detailed survey map are indicated by dots. Physical features depicted on the map include woodlands, different kinds of swamps, and lakes and rivers. An index grid in the lower left identifies adjoining sheets to this map. The map scale is 1:50,000. Distances are shown in kilometers and miles. Elevations are in feet.

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Great Britain. Overseas Surveys Directorate


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Bale: Uganda 1: 50,000

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1 map ; 83 x 62 centimeters


  • From the Uganda National Fisheries Resources Research Institute. Digitized at the National Library of Uganda with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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