Commentary on Grammatical Distinctions


This manuscript, the Sharh al-hudud al-nahawiyah (Commentary on grammatical distinctions) by Jamal al-Din Al-Fakihi (1493 or 1494−1564 or 1565), is a summary clarification of grammatical issues. The author, a Meccan, spent part of his life in Cairo. Not much else is known of his life, travels, or teaching. He was praised by contemporaries, but his scholarship was limited to a few works on grammar, which do not appear to have had a lasting impact on the field. The Sharh is known by the alternative titles Sharh Kitab al-Hudud fi al-Nahw (Commentary on the book “Distinctions in grammar”) and Hudud al-Nahw (Grammar distinctions). This manuscript has remained unknown to scholars. The biographical and bibliographical notes accompanying the edition of the Sharh published in 1993 by Egyptian scholar Mutawalli al-Damiri, for example, contains no mention of this manuscript. Other copies of the Sharh are held in Egyptian and Saudi Arabian libraries. The text is in a clear naskh script with frequent rubrication. No copyist or date is given. The manuscript is bound with three other works: the fragment of a treatise on “In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful;” Treatise and Notes on Prayers; and Witnesses: Ibn ‘Aqil’s Commentary on the al-Alfiyah of Ibn Malik.

Last updated: August 24, 2016