A Pleasing Supplement to the Excellent Coverage Contained in the Essay “The Intellectual Hearth and Awakener of the Drowsy”


This manuscript, Tadhyil latif bi-dhikr masa’il hisan min risalah “Mawqid al-idhhan wa mawqiz al-wasnan” (A pleasing supplement to the excellent coverage contained in the essay “The intellectual hearth and awakener of the drowsy”), by an unknown author is a commentary on, or supplement to, a short grammatical treatise by the famous scholar Ibn Hisham al-Ansari (1309−60). The text about which this commentary is written, Mawqad al-Izhan (The intellectual hearth), treats of difficult points of Arabic grammar. Ibn Hisham was not a widely travelled person, having made only two recorded trips to Mecca, on one of which he drafted the magisterial Mughni al-Labib (The sensible approach), which he lost during his return journey home. He rewrote the complete text when he arrived in Egypt. Later he made what appears to have been an opportunistic move from the Shafi’i to the Hanbali sect, perhaps in order to obtain a teaching position at one of the Hanbali academies in Cairo. The core text was printed in 1837 at the famous Bulaq Press in Cairo. The commentary or Supplement appears to be a unique manuscript. It is not cited in major references nor has it been published. The text is in a tight, clear naskh script. The colophon is damaged and illegible except for the date and the first name of the scribe, which indicate the manuscript was copied on January 11, 1854 by Muhammad.

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تذييل لطيف بذكر مساءل حسان من رسالة موقد الاذهان و موقظ الوسنان

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13 pages ; 23 x 16 centimeters


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