Passbook of Martin Kukučín


Presented here is the bank passbook of Martin Kukučín (1860–1928), the most distinguished representative of modern Slovak realist literature. Kukučín worked as a physician in Prague, on the island of Brač (Croatia), and in Chile and Argentina, all of which are reflected in his literary work. The passbook, containing the record of the royalties Kukučín earned for his literary work, was opened for him on December 31, 1910. At that time Kukučín was living in South America and did not even possess Hungarian citizenship. Kukučín’s real name was Matej Bencúr, but the passbook was issued in his literary pseudonym of Martin Kukučín. The transactions in the passbook were conducted for seven years in the absence of, and without the signatures of, the owner. The passbook was opened as document number 3050 by the Turčianska Participatory Savings Bank (Martin, Slovakia), and is now preserved as a unique artifact from the life of this important writer. The man who opened and maintained the passbook was probably Dr. Jozef Škultéty (1853−1948),  a friend of Kukučín and later the administrator of the Matica slovenská (Slovak Foundation). The document came to the Slovak National Library from Škultéty’s estate.

Last updated: January 16, 2015