Protocol of the Convent of Bratislava (Heraldic Codex)


Protocollum Venerabilis Conventus Posoniensis (Protocol of the convent of Bratislava) is a heraldic codex containing a list of the patrons and donors of a religious institution in Bratislava with 67 full-page painted miniatures of their respective coats of arms. The last listing was created in 1763. The armorial book was begun in 1710 in Bratislava at the request of Ľudovít Kirkay, the superior of the local Franciscan convent, who most probably was inspired by a model of the Historia Domus protocol of the Bratislava convent dated 1709. The coats of arms are arranged according to the social status of the persons listed. The first coat of arms belongs to Christian August, duke of Sachsen-Zeitz and archbishop of Gran, followed by the coat of arms of Palatine Pál Esterházy, the rector of the brotherhood, then the coats of arms of princes, counts, barons, and so forth. In the lower sections are more or less extensive legends in Latin with information about the persons listed. The excellent quality of the illustrations reflects the involvement of at least two armorial painters, who might have worked in the offices responsible for issuing titles and deeds to create coats of arms.

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Protocollum Venerabilis Conventus Posoniensis, Ad Divam Virginem Annunciatam Fratrum Minorum Reformatorum In quo omnium Dominorum Patronorum Domus Divae Matris Lauretanae Nomina et Insignia praesentantur

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227 folios : paper ; 295 x 180 millimeters

Last updated: October 17, 2017