The Clear Guide on the Marriage of the Young


ʻAbd Allāh ibn Ḥumayyid al-Sālimī (circa 1869–circa 1914) was a leading Omani Ibadite (also seen as Ibadhite and Ibadi) scholar and poet, who was born in the town of Al-Ḥoqain in the Rustāq region of the interior of Oman. Ibadism (also seen as Ibadhism) is an Islamic denomination that traces its roots to the seventh century, at the time of the Sunni−Shiite schism. It is named after Abdullāh ibn Ibāḍ, one of the founding scholars of the doctrine. Today’s adherents of Ibadism are found primarily in Oman, in addition to other communities in North and East Africa. Al-Sālimī first studied Islamic jurisprudence under the scholars of his area, before he traveled to the eastern region to broaden his knowledge by becoming a student of the renowned Sheikh Ṣālih ibn ʻAlī al-Ḥārithī (circa 1834−circa 1896). Despite his relatively short life, al-Sālimī wrote numerous books on a range of issues, including Islamic doctrine and jurisprudence, kalām (cosmological argument), comparative religion, Arabic grammar, ʻarūḍ (Arabic poetic meters), and history. His five-chapter Īḍāḥ al-bayān fī nikāḥ al-ṣibyān (The clear guide on the marriage of the young) is a short, well-organized treatise on the jurisprudence of marriage, particularly for those who cannot yet be considered responsible adults. The treatise approaches the subject from an Ibaḍite perspective. Al-Sālimī first divides the various opinions into three categories, namely permission, objection, and conditional permission, before he delves further into them, critically examining each category in detail. The manuscript is in good condition. The text is in black and red ink, with the locations of the different opinions rubricated throughout the text. This copy was produced by Muḥammad ibn Ṣāliḥ al-Muḥaidharī in 1339 AH (1921).

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ايضاح البيان في نكاح

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116 pages : black and red ink; 22 centimeters


  1. ʻAbdallāh Ibn-Ḥumaid Sālimī, Nahḍat al-aʻyān bi-hurrīyat ʻUmān (Beirut: Dār al-Ǧīl, 1998).

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