Spiritual Chant


“Cant espiritual” (Spiritual chant) appeared in February 1911 in the book Seqüències (Sequences), published by Tipografia L’Avenç in Barcelona. The poem had great influence in Catalonia and is one of the best known and most studied of the works of Joan Maragall (1860−1911). It was composed in three periods: the first verses in November 1909 and the rest between January and February 1910. Written in the tradition of spiritual chants of many other great poets, the author poses questions to God and makes explicit his doubts, fears, and longings regarding life after death. Maragall reaffirms his belief that there is no fundamental contrast between the natural and spiritual world, and that somehow this life and the next complement one another. At the Joan Maragall Archive of the Biblioteca de Catalunya are preserved two original manuscripts of this poem: one written on a single sheet; the other in two sheets, in black ink with corrections in red ink. Presented here are both manuscripts.

Last updated: January 13, 2015