La Renaxensa, Volume 1, Number 1, 1 February 1871


La Renaixensa was the first periodical written entirely in Catalan since 1714, when King Philip V of Spain banned the language. La Renaixensa (La Renaxensa between 1871 and 1876) takes its name from the movement that was born at the end of 18th century and early in the 19th with the cautious writing of some works in Catalan. The magazine was founded in 1871 as a literary magazine and appeared twice a month. Two years later it began to include political articles, which led to it being suspended in 1878 for six months. Its founder and publisher was Pere Aldavert and its first editor Francesc Matheu. Under the subsequent editorship of Àngel Guimerà, the review followed its initial line and was devoted to literature in a broad sense, including literary works, literary criticism, and issues of grammar. In 1881, after the First Catalan Congress of Barcelona, it became a literary supplement to a daily, Diari Català, another Catalan publication that had begun in 1879. The magazine was the monthly literary supplement to that newspaper until 1898; it has not been possible to find later numbers, although some authorities claim that it continued to be published as a literary supplement until 1903. La Renaixensa, run by Pere Aldavert and Angel Guimerà, was suspended in 1897. It was then was published as a supplement of Lo Somatent from Reus; when this too was suspended, it was published with Lo Somatent from Vendrell. It finally ceased publication in 1905 due to the rise of a new newspaper, La Veu de Catalunya. Shown here is the first issue of La Renaxensa, dated February 1, 1871.

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Estampa Catalana, Barcelona


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La Renaxensa, any 1, núm. 1, 1 febr. 1871

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24 centimeters


  1. Ramon Bacardit “Catalan Culture and Catalan Nationalism in the XIX Century. Guimerà’ Renaixnsa.

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