Legislature Building, Montevideo. Floor Plan


Gaietà Buïgas i Monravà (1851−1919) was the designer of the monument to Christopher Columbus in Barcelona (erected 1882−88) and of such buildings as the Spa Vichy Català in Caldes de Malavella (1898) and the Banco Popular building in Montevideo (1904−7). Buïgas completed most of his work in South America, in Argentina (1903−4) and, especially, in Uruguay (1904−12), where he lived for nine years. Designs for 36 of the works that he made for these countries are preserved at the Biblioteca de Catalunya. Designs for buildings and monuments in Catalonia and elsewhere also are preserved in the library. These documents provide insight into the artistic personality of one of the most prominent architects of Catalonia at the turn of the century. The work of Buïgas is regarded mainly for its exuberant eclecticism, and its modernist and art deco influences. In April 1904, architects submitted 27 projects to the competition to design the new building for the legislature in Montevideo. Buïgas’s submission was not chosen and so his design for the building, the main floor plan of which is shown here, was never realized.

Last updated: January 13, 2015