General Map of Vladimir Province: Showing Postal and Major Roads, Stations and the Distance in Versts between Them


This 1822 map of Vladimir Province is from a larger work, Geograficheskii atlas Rossiiskoi imperii, tsarstva Pol'skogo i velikogo kniazhestva Finliandskogo (Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Poland, and the Grand Duchy of Finland), containing 60 maps of the Russian Empire. Compiled and engraved by Colonel V.P. Piadyshev, it reflects the detailed mapping carried out by Russian military cartographers in the first quarter of the 19th century. The map shows population centers (seven gradations by size), postal stations, roads (four types), provincial and district borders, monasteries, and factories. Distances are shown in versts, a Russian measure, now no longer used, equal to 1.07 kilometers. Legends and place-names are in Russian and French. One of the most historic cities in Russia, Vladimir rose to political prominence in the 12th century as part of the Rostov-Suzdal’ principality. Yury Vladimirovich (known as Yury Dolgoruky) became the resident prince in Suzdal’ in the early 12th century, and founded Moscow as a fortified outpost for his realm. His son, Andrew I, Grand Prince of Vladimir (also called Andrei Bogoliubsky), moved his power center to nearby Vladimir by the mid-12th century. He sacked Kiev in 1169, which led to the city of Vladimir becoming the effective capital of Russia. The move of the Orthodox metropolitan from Kiev to Vladimir signified the elevated status of the Grand Duchy of Vladimir. Architecturally important churches, some still standing, were built throughout the city. Subsequent Mongol raids on Vladimir in the 13th century reduced its influence. By the early 14th century, both the Orthodox Metropolitanate and the secular power had moved to Moscow. Vladimir continues to be regarded as a cradle of Russian language and identity.

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Military Topographical Depot, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Генеральная Карта Владимирской Губернiи Съ показанiемъ почтовыхъ и большихъ проѣзжихъ дорогъ, станцiй и разстоянiя между оными верстъ

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1 map ; 40 x 38 centimeters


  • Scale 1:1,050,000

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