The Noble Knights-errant of the Water Margin, with Commentary by Li Zhuowu, in 100 Juan


Shown here is chapter one of an important version of one of the great classics of Chinese literature, Shui hu zhuan (The water margin), which is attributed to Shi Nai'an (circa 1290−circa 1365). The early editions of this work were issued in two kinds of format; one was unabridged and the other concise. The unabridged text appeared arranged in 70, 100, or 120 juan (chapters), the earliest being of 100 chapters. This edition, Li Zhuowu xian sheng pi ping Zhong yi shui hu zhuan, 100 juan (The noble knights-errant of the water margin, with commentary by Li Zhuowu, 100 juan), was published by Rongyutang. The book is a fictional account of events during the Song dynasty. The novel is a detailed narrative and its contents represent the most complete and unabridged edition in 100 chapters. Rongyutang in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, was famous for its printing of plays and fiction. The illustrations included in chapter one of this work (on folios 50−51) are precise and exquisite and played an influential role in the history of Chinese engraving.

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Rongyutang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


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46 volumes ; 21.3 x 14.4 centimeters


  • Only chapter 1 is included in the WDL presentation.

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