Collected Literary Works of Li Taibai


Li Bo (also called Li Bai, 701−762), courtesy name Taibai, style name Qinglian Jushi, was called, among his other nicknames, Shi xian (Immortal poet) and Shi xia (Poet-knight-errant). His work Li Taibai ji (Collected works of Li Taibai) has been handed down from generation to generation. The earliest edition was compiled by Wei Hao, Li Yangbing, and Fan Chuanzheng, three Tang scholars, but these works did not survive. The first printed edition dated back to the third year of Yuanfeng (1080) of the Song and was printed by Yan Zhizhi, prefect of Suzhou; thus it was called the Su edition. It was edited by historian and literary author Song Minqiu (1019−79) and was published in 30 juan. It was partly based on the work kept in Wang Pu’s personal library, entitled Li Bo shi ji (Collected poems of Li Bo). The other source was Li Hanlin ji (Collected works of Li Hanlin), in two juan, edited by Wei Wan of the Tang. Later the work was edited again and re-issued by Zeng Gong (1019−83), who did painstaking textual research and put the poems in the correct order. The original Su edition no longer exists. The earliest reprint is a Song edition that was printed in Sichuan and thus was called the Shu (another name for Sichuan) edition. There is a third edition printed in the 56th year (1717) during the Kangxi reign, by Miao Yueqi, who had acquired a Shu copy from a Xu family of Kunshan, which he edited and printed; it is thus called the Miao edition. Shown here is a reprint of the Shu edition; however juan 15−24 come from the Miao edition.

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