Yangshi Lei Archives, 2. Plan of Jiuzhou Qingyan at Yuanmingyuan


Shown here is the site plan of the Hall of Jiuzhou Qingyan, one of the 40 scenic spots in Yuanmingyuan (the Old Summer Palace), a vast complex of gardens and palaces constructed in the 18th−19th centuries in the northwest suburbs of Beijing. It was situated between the front and back lakes and was the center of the Jiuzhou scenic region. Being the largest building group in the back lake area, it was originally a place for the lodging of the emperors and empresses. On a medial axis the plan shows, from south to north, the Three Halls of Yuanmingyuan: the Hall of Yuanmingyuan, the Hall of Fengsan Wusi, and the Hall of Jiuzhou Qingyan. The name of Jiuzhou Qingyan implies peace, tranquility, and continuity throughout China, with the world at peace. The plan is executed in color. The names of all the halls and rooms are labelled in yellow. The Yangshi Lei Archives contain architectural plans, models, and documents of the Lei family, who for some 200 years during the Qing Dynasty (1644−1911) were designers of imperial buildings, tombs, and gardens.


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