Prescriptions of the Bureau of the Management and Administration of Pharmacy, in Ten Juan


Tai ping hui min he ji ju fang (Prescriptions of the Bureau of the Management and Administration of Pharmacy) is the earliest book of patent medicine in China and in the world. The work records prescriptions of patent medicines compiled by the official pharmacy of the Imperial Medical Bureau during the Northern Song dynasty (960−1127). It contains 788 prescriptions in 14 categories, and provides, under each prescription, details on the expected cure and components of the medicine. The work serves as a manual, making it easier for physicians and patients to choose, acquire, and compound the medicines. Of the early Chinese works on prescriptions, besides Zhang Zhongjing’s Shang han za bing lun (Treatise on cold pathogenic and miscellaneous diseases), this work has been the most useful and the most influential among physicians. Many of its prescriptions are regarded by modern traditional Chinese medicine as having the same curative effects. Among the extant editions, this one, printed at the workshop of Rixintang in Jianyang, is an early copy with complete content.

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Rixintang of Gao Family, Fujian


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6 volumes ; 23.6 x 15.4 centimeters

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