New Edition of Daoist Sun's Invaluable Prescriptions for Ready Reference


This work, Chong kan Sun zhen ren bei ji qian jin yao fang (New edition of Daoist Sun's invaluable prescriptions for ready reference), emphasizes that the life of a human being is as important and as precious as a thousand pieces of gold. Thus to save one's life with a prescription is to demonstrate one’s great virtue. That is why the title includes the words qian jin (invaluable, or 1,000 pieces of gold). This work covers a wide range of subjects, from treatment instructions to ways to maintain good health, and is an important classic in traditional Chinese medicine. It was compiled, by imperial order, by Lin Yi and others and woodblock printed in the third year of the Zhiping reign (1066). Today the original work no longer exists. This edition dates from the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368). It was first kept in the collection of Tieqintongjianlou (The Pavilion of Iron Qin and Bronze Sword), in Changshu, Suzhou, Jiangsu, one of the four largest private libraries at the end of the Qing dynasty. The original printed format is intact, making this copy very valuable.

Last updated: January 3, 2018