New Edition of Wang's Classic on Pulse, in Ten Juan


Wang Shuhe, the author of Xin kan Wang shi mai jing (New edition of Wang's classic on pulse), was an imperial physician during the Western Jin dynasty (265−316). Wang drew his material from a great number of ancient classics on pulse to compile this work. It is the earliest extant work focusing on diagnosis by pulse, and it played an important role in the history of Chinese medicine. After its completion, there were numerous later editions with varied contents. During the Northern Song, the court established the Bureau of Revision of Medical Classics. This work was based on an earlier copy that Lin Yi and other officials revised in the 11th century. They eliminated repetitions, supplemented omissions, and also made changes in the compilation. It is still in ten juan, with 97 entries. A fragment of the work, discovered in a Dunhuang cave where the classics were hidden, is now in the British Library. This copy is a Yuan edition, printed by Guangqin Shutang in Jianyang, Fujian, in the third year of the Tianli reign (1330), and is considered the earliest extant printed copy. It was held in the private collections of famous bibliophiles, including Huang Pilie (1763−1825).

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Guangqin Shutang, Jianyang, Fujian Province


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Stitched binding ; 19.2 x 13.5 centimeters

Last updated: January 3, 2018