Illustrated Explanations of the Human Body, in One Juan


Ren ti tu shuo (Illustrated explanations of the human body) is a work on anatomy by Western authors. It is the continuation of Taixi ren shen shuo gai (Outline of Western theories on the human body), originally translated jointly by Deng Yuhan (Chinese name of the German Jesuit missionary Johann Schreck, also known as Joannes Terentius, 1576−1630) and Long Huamin (Chinese name of Nicola Longobardo, 1565−1655). It was continued and completed by Luo Yagu (Chinese name of Jacobus Rho, 1593−1638). The work presented here is a one-juan book, which includes prefaces, a table of contents, explanatory text, and illustrations. It surpasses the Taixi ren shen shuo gai in that it has very fine graphic illustrations. The later book’s content on the subject of physiology was expanded, while still following the theories of Hippocrates and Galen. The anatomical illustrations are very detailed. Parts added include introductions to internal organs, urogenital anatomy, and the embryo, none of which were discussed in the earlier work. The explanations of anatomical details are clearly presented.

Last updated: January 3, 2018