Biography of Zou Rong


Zou Rong (1885−1905), whose original name was Zou Shaotao, was also called Guiwen and had the style name Weidan. He was a native of Baxian, Sichuan. He changed his name to Zou Rong while studying in Japan. In 1903 he published a little book entitled Ge ming jun (The revolutionary army), calling for the Chinese people to carry out revolution, overthrow the Manchu regime, and establish the Chinese republic. Zhang Taiyan (1868−1936), a Chinese philologist, philosopher, and also a revolutionary, wrote the preface. It was published in the Su bao (Jiangsu journal). For his offence against the Manchu court, Zhang Taiyan was imprisoned. Zou Rong gave himself up and joined him in prison, where he died at the age of 20. In 1906 Zhang Taiyan was freed and wrote a manuscript, entitled Zou Rong zhuan (Biography of Zou Rong), which was published in 1907 in Japan in the tenth issue of the journal Ge ming ping lun (Commentary on revolution). The complete text is presented here.

Last updated: January 3, 2018