New Edition of the Manual of Acupuncture Points on a Bronze Figure, in Seven Juan


One of the unique features of treatments in traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. During the Northern and Southern Song (960−1279), the science of acupuncture and moxibustion and the meridian and collateral theory flourished. This science consequently became gradually systemized and standardized. The work Xin kan tong ren zhen jiu jing (New edition of the manual of acupuncture points on a bronze figure) was actually a chapter dealing with acupuncture, called “Zhen jing,” included in Taiping sheng hui fang (Taiping imperial prescriptions for universal relief), an official standard textbook of the Song court. As the latter work had limited circulation, during the Yuan dynasty this particular chapter was taken out, edited, and the title changed to Xin kan tong ren zhen jiu jing. It details the positions of acupuncture points and the cures, with 12 illustrations of acupuncture points. It preserved a large portion of the original sources on acupuncture dating back before the Song. It is a very valuable document in the history of the science of acupuncture.

Last updated: January 3, 2018