Map Showing Routes of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company


This foldable tourist brochure, published by Rand McNally and Company in 1891, shows the main routes and schedules of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company. One side of the large sheet is a map showing the company’s routes from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and other ports. An inset map on the right shows the routes from Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia, through the Inside Passage to Juneau, Sitka, and Glacier Bay in Alaska. A table in the upper right gives distances in nautical miles from San Francisco to a large number of ports, including inland ports on the Columbia River. Railroads also are shown. The reverse side gives detailed travel information, including lists of agents, scheduled rates, and descriptions of the sites to be seen on the different excursions offered by the company, including the Eureka (Humboldt Bay) Route, the Portland and Astoria (Oregon) Route, the Alaska Route, the California Southern Coast Route, and others. Founded in 1867, the Pacific Coast Steamship Company had by the late 19th century grown to be a major operator on routes from California to Alaska. It operated both passenger and cargo services, and eventually built connecting railroad lines and other transportation links as did most such companies of the era. In its early years, its chief rival was the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, but by the early 20th century it competed mainly with the Alaska Steamship Company (the Alaska Line). The Pacific Steamship Company was sold to the Admiral Line in 1916 and was acquired by the Alaska Steamship Company in 1936.

Date Created

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Publication Information

Rand McNally and Company


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Physical Description

1 map : color ; 68 x 32 centimeters


  • Scale about 1:3,100,000.


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