Evangeliary of Michaelbeuern, Four Gospels with Illuminations of the Evangelists


The Gospel book from the Benedictine monastery at Michaelbeuern is considered a work of the Salzburg school because of its similarity to other Salzburg manuscripts. Whether it was brought to Michaelbeuern in the first half of the 11th century (when that monastery was being reestablished from Saint Peter’s in Salzburg) or later cannot be determined with certainty. Besides canon tables and lesser initials, it shows, on double leaves, which are interpolated but which always have formed part of the manuscript, four illustrations of the evangelists facing ornamental initial pages. The evangelists, with their long-winged symbols descending from above, are laid out in bright colors on a pure-gold ground. Only writing stands and utensils complete the compositions, so that attention is concentrated on the relationship between the evangelists and their symbols.

Date Created

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Title in Original Language

Quattuor Evangelia cum imaginibus pictis SS. Evangelistarum

Type of Item

Physical Description

178 leaves : parchment, illuminations


  • BSB shelfmark: Clm 8272
  • This description of the work was written by Karl-Georg Pfändtner of the Bavarian State Library.

Last updated: October 17, 2017