Victorius of Aquitaine. Martianus Capella. Remigius of Auxerre. Gregory the Great


This manuscript opens with a one-page text by Victorius of Aquitaine (fifth century). The rest of the work consists of two distinct parts. The first part, written in the second half of the 11th century, presents a work of Martianus Capella (fifth century) on the Seven Liberal Arts, followed by an important commentary on this text by Remigius of Auxerre (circa 841−908). A full-page pen drawing, which depicts numerous gods and demons of the ancient world, is situated between the text and the commentary. Because of its stylistic features, the drawing is generally attributed to the Ratisbon school of illustration. The second part of the manuscript (folios 56−109), contains homilies of Saint Gregory the Great (circa 540−604) and was created around 1100 in southern Germany. The manuscript once belonged to the Benedictine monastery of Saint Emmeram in Ratisbon (present-day Regensburg) and came to Munich in 1811.

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Victorius Aquitanus. Martianus Capella. Remigius Autissiodorensis. Gregorius Magnus

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109 leaves : parchment, illuminations ; 28.5 x 22.5 centimeters


  • BSB shelfmark: Clm 14271
  • This description of the work was written by Elisabeth Wunderle of the Bavarian State Library.

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