Nova Friburgo Train Station


The Thereza Christina Maria collection is composed of 21,742 photos assembled by Emperor Pedro II (1825-91) throughout his life and donated by him to the National Library of Brazil. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects. It documents the achievements of Brazil and Brazilians in the 19th century and also includes many photographs of Europe, Africa, and North America. This photograph shows the train station at Nova Friburgo, which was part of the Cantagalo Railroad that linked the city of Porto das Caixas in Itaboraí state with the city of Cordeiro. Nova Friburgo Station was built in Swiss style between 1860 and 1873. The station was closed in May 1967 to make room for a new city hall, known as Barão de Nova Friburgo Palace. The photograph is by Francisco Benque, who was associated with Alberto Henschel in the firm of Henschel & Benque, which operated a studio in Rio de Janeiro in the 1870s.

Last updated: May 24, 2017