Letter from Saulo Torón to Fernando González


This document is a letter from Saulo Torón (1885−1974) to his fellow Gran Canaria poet Fernando González (1901−72). Torón was one of the most important exponents of Canaria (Spanish) poetic modernism, along with Tomás Morales and Alonso Quesada. He belongs to the so-called Lyrical school of Telde, which includes González, Montiano Placeres, Luis Baez, Patricio Pérez, and Hilda Zudán. Torón’s poetry was characterized by its simple tone and lack of elaborated style. In this letter, he sends his friend the galley proofs of his poem “El Caracol” (The snail) for its publication by the Tipografía Juan Pérez Torres in Madrid. He quotes poet Antonio Machado and Canary Island intellectuals in Madrid, such as artist Manolo Millares, and publisher and fellow poet Enrique Díez-Canedo. He also refers to articles from the literary magazines España, La Pluma, and Casa de la Américas. The letter is an indispensable document for the study of Spanish and Canary Islands poetry in the 1920s. The manuscript belongs to the letter archive of Fernando González, which encompasses the whole of the poet’s literary life. It was written during the time in which González was director for the magazine Halcón and had established a bond of friendship with many Canary Island writers with whom he corresponded. The letter is in the collections of the Gran Canaria Island Library.

Last updated: June 13, 2016