Almugavar Hours


This book of hours was produced circa 1510−20 for a member of the Almugavar (or Almogàver) family of Catalonia, whose coat of arms appears throughout the manuscript in the borders of the lavish full-page miniatures. There are 26 full-page polychrome miniatures (three are missing), of which six were removed from the original quire structure after portions of the miniatures were excised, and then returned to the manuscript, having been pasted onto heavy card-stock folios. There are also 18 full-page incipits, of which three include historiated vignettes, and numerous folios with elaborate floral-motif borders. The significant number of feast days associated with Barcelona helps reinforce the Spanish attribution of the manuscript, although the style of the decoration is clearly influenced by contemporary Flemish design.

Last updated: October 17, 2017