Palestine, or, the Holy Land; Persia, Afghanistan and Beluchistan


“Rand McNally & Co.'s Map of Asia and Europe” displays two maps on a single large sheet. The top half is a map of Asia, with an inset of the Holy Land in the lower-right corner. The bottom half contains a more detailed map of Persia (present-day Iran), Afghanistan, and Baluchistan (in present-day Pakistan and Iran). At the bottom is an index showing lakes, mountains, and cities and towns in Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Populations are given for some cities and towns, with the largest in Afghanistan being Kabul (60,000), Kandahar (50,000), and Herat (30,000). An inset map of Afghanistan shows the location of the passes through the mountains to India (i.e., British India, including present-day Pakistan). The two main maps show longitude east from Greenwich, United Kingdom, and from Washington, DC. The lower map shows the scale in miles and in Persian fursakhs (also called parasangs or fursangs). The text at the lower right gives an overview of the geography, population, government, economic resources, and history of Afghanistan. The map was published in 1885 by Chicago-based Rand McNally, a major publisher of atlases, maps, globes, and travel guides in the United States in the second half of the 19th century.

Last updated: January 8, 2018