Afghanistan: A Map


This map, published in New York in 1879, appears to have been made to inform American audiences about the war then underway in Afghanistan. The conflict, which became known as the Second Anglo-Afghan War, began in November 1878, when Great Britain invaded Afghanistan from British India in order to check what it perceived as the growth of Russian influence in the country. The map was compiled, drawn, and published by Captains Jackson and Wyndham, who are identified only as “Late, H.B.M. Service,” meaning recently in the service of Her Britannic Majesty, i.e., Queen Victoria. The map shows the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, cities and towns, rivers, roads, and parts of the British-Indian railroad network extending into present-day Pakistan. In the upper right are listed the commanding officers of the British forces formed to prosecute the war, which the map designates as the Mitankote Force, Khyber Column, Quetta Force, Kurram Valley Force, and the Reserve Force, all under the overall command of General Sir Frederick Haines. The Second Anglo-Afghan War lasted until September 1880 and resulted in heavy casualties on both the British and Afghan sides.

Last updated: January 8, 2018