Commentary of Nawawi’s Forty Sacred Hadiths


Hashiyah ‘ala al-‘Arba’in al-Nawawiyah fi al-ahadith al-qudsiyah (Commentary on al-Nawawi’s forty sacred hadiths) is a collection of commentaries by 19th-century Egyptian scholar ‘Abd Allah al-Nabarawi on the famous collection of hadiths known as ‘Arba’in al-Nawawi (Al-Nawawi’s forty hadiths). (In actuality, there are 42 hadiths.) Al-Nabarawi gives his work the alternative title ‘Urus al-afrah (The bride at the wedding feast). He provides word-by-word commentary on each of the hadiths. The title states that the selections are ahadith qudsi (sacred hadiths), a term denoting that the sayings are the actual words of God transmitted through the speech of the Prophet. Imam al-Nawawi was born in the village on Nawa near Damascus. He was and remains an important authority for the Shafi’i school of law. Forty hadiths is among his most famous works and has been republished often. No details are available on the life of al-Nabarawi. His earliest known work, Fara’id al-Fara’id (Precious gems regarding religious obligations), was completed circa 1841. This and other works by him are among the early imprints of the Bulaq Press in Cairo. The colophon gives valuable information about the operation of the Bulaq Press of the period when it was a government-operated facility. The editor of scientific (i.e., scholarly) works was ‘Abd al-Ghaffar Ibrahim al-Disuqi. The work was financed, perhaps with the expectation of repayment from the proceeds of sales, by Muhammad al-Shurbaji, chief of the merchants of the Ghuri wikalah (trading center) near al-Azhar Mosque. The press was headed by Husayn Husni. He was assisted by Muhammad Husni, who performed a number of functions such as heading the maktabah (sales shop) and the kaghadh-khanah (paper mill and warehouse), and by the mulahiz dhi ra’i al-musaddad (“gimlet-eyed foreman”), Abu ‘Aynayn Ahmad.

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ʻĀmarah Press, Cairo


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حاشية على الأربعين النووية في الأحاديث القدسية

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186 pages ; 28 centimeters

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