Yearbook for 1887


This volume is a yearbook for 1887, treating political events in Egypt for that year, covering activities in various ministries and governmental offices. The work is divided into 12 sections, with each devoted to a month. In the entry for January, for example, we read of the arrival in the port of Alexandria of the crown prince of Italy, the future King Victor Emmanuel III, and the state functions that were held in his honor. In the section devoted to April, we read the obituary of Muḥammad Sharif Pasha, the fourth prime minister of Egypt. The book was published by Maṭbaʻat al-qāhira al-ḥurra in 1887. The author of the yearbook, Yūsuf Ibn-Hammām Āṣāf (1859−1938), is best known for his history of the Ottomans, Tārīkh salāṭīn Banī ʻUthmān min awwal nashʼatihim ḥattā al-ān (History of the Ottoman sultans: From their origin to the present day). Āṣāf was born in Lebanon. He settled in Egypt and founded a publishing house, al-ʻUmūmīya, in Cairo in 1888.

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Maṭbaʻat al-qāhira al-ḥurra, Cairo


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كتاب تاريخ عام 1887

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216 pages ; 24 centimeters

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