The Nabhani Offering on the History of the Arabian Peninsula


Al-Tuḥfat al-Nabhānīya fī tārīkh al-jazīra al-ʻArabīya (The Nabhani offering on the history of the Arabian Peninsula) is by Muḥammad ibn Kahlīfa ibn Ḥamd ibn Mūsā al-Nabhānī (1883 or 1884−1950 or 1951). The author was a teacher at the Masjid al-Ḥarām in Mecca (as was his father). The younger al-Nabhani started this work after his visit to Bahrain, and a request that he write a book treating the history of the current rulers of Bahrain, as well of its ancient emirs and their dealings with friend and foe. As the original plan had been to limit the work to the history of Bahrain, al-Nabhānī initially titled his work al-Nubdha al-laṭīfa fī al-ḥukkam min al-khalīfa (The charming fragment regarding the rulers of the house of al-Khalīfa). When the work was expanded to include the totality of the Arabian Peninsula, its name changed as well. Chapter nine of this work is a large section (with independently numbered pages) on Basra (present-day Iraq), in which al-Nabhani served briefly as judge, and in which he was imprisoned by the British during World War I. The present copy is a revised and expanded second edition, published in 1923−24 at the Maṭbaʻat al-maḥmūdīya publishing house in Cairo.

Last updated: May 11, 2015