Literature and Religion of the Ancient Egyptians


This survey of ancient Egyptian history and customs, published in Cairo in 1923, was intended for the general reader. In the introduction, the author, Anṭūn Zikrī, notes that although there are many works on this subject in foreign languages, the Egyptian who reads only Arabic can find nothing about his own history. The work is illustrated with black and white plates depicting objects in many museums, including the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where Antūn was librarian. Antūn wrote many introductory works on ancient Egypt, including a guide to hieroglyphics, a work on ancient medicine, and a guidebook to the Egyptian Museum and the antiquities of Giza. The ornate title page carries an inscription to King Fuʼād I (1868−1936), whose name is placed between two figures representing ancient servants presenting offerings to the king. The book was printed at Dar al-Ma’arif in Cairo, a press that was founded in 1890 by the Lebanese-born Naǧīb Mitrī and that remains a prominent publisher to this day. The book includes a glossary of pharaonic terms, an index of plates, and a guide to ancient place-names and their modern equivalents.

Last updated: August 8, 2014