The Hidden Treasure on Arts and Crafts


Kitāb al-durr al-maknūn fī al-ṣanā’i‘ wa al-funūn (The hidden treasure on arts and crafts) is a compendium of several crafts and artisanal techniques by 19th century Lebanese author Jirjīs Ṭannūs ʻAwn. The book has nine chapters on different crafts: electroplating; the dyeing of fabric; photography; candle-making; and the manufacture of ink, glue, mirrors, ceramics, and soap. A tenth chapter discusses chemical compounds. Most of the book is devoted to three crafts: electroplating, including plating and galvanizing techniques involving copper, brass, gold, and silver; the dyeing of fabric, including natural and artificial dye sources for a variety of colors and fibers; and photography. The final chapter on chemicals includes a section on antidotes to be used in the case of poisoning. The book has numerous illustrations and a table of contents. Jirjīs Ṭannūs ʻAwn dedicates his work to the Ottoman statesman, author, and reformer Ahmet Cevdet Pasha (1822−95), a highly cultured and literate man. According to the cover, the author used his own funds for this printing.

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Americans’ Printing House, Beirut


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الدر المكنون في الصنائع والفنون

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396 pages ; 20 centimeters

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