The True Account of Veterinary Medicine


Kitāb ṣidq al-bayān fī ṭibb al-ḥayawān (The true account of veterinary medicine) is a late 19th century veterinary science manual by Lebanese author Jirjīs Ṭannūs ʻAwn. It is divided into two main parts, of which the first deals with common domesticated animals such as horses, cows, and pigs, and the second with diseases. The fourth section of the second part, “On Common Diseases,” comprises the bulk of the book and includes 24 chapters on diseases of the chest, the liver, the pancreas, and so forth. For each disease, the species of affected animals is generally stated, as well as the cause and the cure. The book contains numerous illustrations and concludes with a list of drugs and a table of contents. Jirjīs Ṭannūs ʻAwn dedicated the work to Pashko Váša, the Ottoman-appointed governor of the Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate (an administrative district of the Ottoman Empire). Pashko Váša governed from 1883 until his death in 1892 and is recognized for his enlightened policies, including his establishment of a hospital in Bayt ad-Dīn. In the introduction, the author pays homage to the governor as someone who, from his arrival in Lebanon, “has practiced virtue and perseverance, aiming at nothing but the comfort of the citizens and the flourishing of the country.”

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كتاب صدق البيان في طب الحيوان

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428 pages ; 21 centimeters

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