A Map of Saint Petersburg Province and County


The complete title of this 1792 watercolor manuscript map is “A map of Saint Petersburg province and county including parts of other counties belonging to the province, such as Shlisselburg, Sofeisk, Оranienbaum and Rozhdestveno with Saint Petersburg as the administrative center from which it radiates for 40 versts.” The text goes on to explain that part “of this province, previously called Ingria, was conquered from Sweden in 1702 and according to the Treaty of Nystad, in 1721 Ingria was formally ceded to Russia by Sweden. On May 16, 1703 Saint Petersburg was founded there, now the capital of the country and the main city of the province, located in Europe at the latitude of 59° 57', and longitude of 47° 57'. The province was re-established in 1780 and its rural population included Russians, Ingrian Finns, and colonists.” The map depicts land use in detail, including forests, arable lands, meadows, woods, wetlands, quarries, and populated places. County and provincial boundaries, rapids on the Neva River, and country roads are also shown. The map is fully colored, including the captions, with relief indicated by shading. The alternation of valleys and sharply marked elevations is clear. The background of the map imitates the color of wood and its frame is moss colored. The original spelling is seen in the title. The legend is placed in a scroll-shaped cartouche at the top left. The manuscript map is preserved in the Russian State Library.

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Land survey drawing company, St. Petersburg


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Карта Санкт-Петербургской губернии онагож уезда захватывающая части и протчих уездов принадлежащих оной губернии както Шлисельбургской, Софейской, Ораниембоумской и Рожественской и имеет центром город Санкт-Петербург и от онаго простирающаяся во все стороны на 40 верст

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1 map : watercolor ; 98 х 62 centimeters

Last updated: August 8, 2014