Imperial House of Romanov


This publication was produced in 1913 to mark the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. It contains an introduction, a genealogical sketch on the Romanov boyars, and a short history of the Romanovs in 17 chapters. The volume also includes biographies, portraits, and photographs of the members of the dynasty. In the introduction, “Three Centuries of the House of Romanov,” Elpidifor Barsov (1836−1917) provides a brief historical overview of the context of Romanov rule. He describes first “the time of troubles” preceding the election of Mikhail Fedorovich, the first tsar in the Romanov dynasty. He emphasizes achievements of the early Romanovs, especially Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. These two monarchs expanded Russia, strengthened the Russian army and fleet, and advanced commerce. Barsov praises the Romanovs for their wise rule and mentions that they never suppressed their people. Alexander II liberated the peasants, and Nicholas II instituted the State Council and State Duma so that people could elect their representatives to express their will to the tsar. Barsov writes of the Romanov connections to Europe, which brought the influence of the Enlightenment to Russia in the 18th century. The Academy of Sciences, universities, and art and technical schools all were founded under the Romanovs. The publication contains many illustrations. Also included is a copy of parts of the certified charter confirming the election in 1613 of Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov as tsar. The text is decorated with symbols of imperial power and Russian heraldic emblems in vignettes and initials. Barsov edited the volume under the supervision of chief editor V.V. Funke. The book is preserved in the State Public Historical Library of Russia.

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Partnership of Typesetters. A. A. Levenson, Moscow


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Царствующий дом Романовых

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419 pages, 50 sheets : illustrations ; 35 centimeters

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