Map of Tobol'sk Province (16 Districts)


This map of the vast Siberian province of Tobol’sk shows the borders of the province and its districts, population centers, monasteries, winter encampments, fortresses, mines, salt and fish industries, and the routes of voyages by Malygin (1734, 1735), Skuratov (1734, 1735), Ovtsyn (1735), Murav'ev (1737), Pavlov (1737), Rozmyslov (1768), and the location where Dutch ships wintered in 1596. The title is in an artistic cartouche with a drawing of a hunting scene, mining symbols, and a maiden with an urn–an allegorical symbol of the Ob' River. The creator of the map, A.M. Vilbrekht, was a geographer in the Geographical Department of the Cabinet of Her Imperial Majesty, established during the reign of Catherine the Great. The cabinet produced a major work, Rossiiskii atlas iz soroka trekh kart sostoiashchii i na sorok odnu guberniiu Imperiiu razdeliaiushchii (Russian atlas comprising 43 maps and dividing the empire into 41 provinces), from which this map is taken.

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Geograficheskii Departament, Saint Petersburg


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Karta Tobol'skoi Gubernii iz 16 Uezdov

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1 hand colored engraved map, 59 x 45.5 centimeters, on sheet 63 x 51 centimeters


  • Scale 1:7,140,000

Last updated: April 12, 2016