Arabia: According To Its Modern Divisions


“Arabia According to Its Modern Divisions” shows the Arabian Peninsula with the three-part division traditionally used in European sources into Arabia Petraea, Arabia Deserta, and Arabia Felix. Deserts, seaports, and the pearl beds along the coast are indicated. Qatar is shown as Catura. Four different distance scales—Arabian miles, Turkish miles, Persian parasangs, and British miles—are provided. Published in 1794, the map was compiled and drawn by Samuel Dunn (circa 1723−94), a teacher of mathematics and navigation who made original contributions to solving the problem of determining longitude. In addition to making maps, Dunn wrote a number of books on mathematics and navigation, including The Description and Use of the Universal Planispheres (1759) and The Theory and Practice of the Longitude at Sea (1778). This map was published by the firm of Laurie & Whittle, a partnership of the engraver Robert Laurie (circa 1755−1836) and print seller James Whittle (1757−1818) that was known for its accurate maps and nautical charts.

Last updated: June 17, 2014