Northeast Africa and Arabia Drawn to the Scale of 1:12,500,000


This map of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula is from the sixth edition (1875) of Stieler's Hand-Atlas über alle Theile der Erde (Stieler’s portable atlas of all parts of the Earth), edited by August Heinrich Petermann (1822−78) and published by the firm of Justus Perthes. The map reflects the high quality of German cartography in the latter part of the 19th century and the advances made by German mapmakers in incorporating into their work findings from geology, hydrography, ethnography, and other scientific fields. The map uses color codes to show the main political and ethnic divisions in Africa, Arabia, and western Asia. Three distance scales are given: German geographic miles, statute miles, and kilometers. The routes of recent European travelers are shown, including, on the Arabian Peninsula, Palgrave (1862), Pelly (1865), and J. Halévy (1870). Qatar is shown as Katar. In the lower right is a large inset map of Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia) and Egyptian Sudan, the latter referring to territory along the Red Sea in present-day Eritrea and Sudan claimed at that time by Egypt.

Last updated: June 17, 2014