Happy Meeting: Contemporary Forest-Exile Song


Schastliva sreshta (Happy meeting) is a long revolutionary poem, well known for its strong influence on notable Bulgarian revolutionaries and revolutionary writers, such as Georgi Rakovski, Khristo Botev, Liuben Karavelov, and Vasil Levski. The work in fact was dedicated to the brother of Vasil Levski, Khristov Ivanov (Kŭnchev), who died in 1870, the same year as the first publication of this poem. The author, Velichko Aleksiev Popov (1848−1927), was a Bulgarian teacher and revolutionary activist who was an associate of the noted revolutionary Khristo Botev (1848−76). Popov is best remembered not for the quantity or quality of his literary output, but for the influence his works had on the main figures of the Bulgarian revolutionary movement. This work was printed by the firm of K.N. Radulesku, in Bucharest (present-day Romania).

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Printing House of K.N. Radulesku, Bucharest


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Счастлива срѣща. Сѫвременна горско-хѫшовска спѣвь

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77 pages ; 20 centimeters

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